The core function of this position is to produce written news summaries and commentary for our audience of conservative readers. The ideal candidate for this position will have a thorough understanding of current events and the media’s role in informing the public. Because The Western Journal publishes content 7 days a week, this position requires weekend availability. You may read more about The Western Journal here and view our Editorial Standards and Guidelines here.

This specific need requires one-to-three articles per day, several days per week, but the specific schedule can vary. Articles will appear on the Conservative Tribune page of The Western Journal under your byline. (The Western Journal does not, in general, allow writers to submit work under pseudonyms.)


Here are the details for our writers:

  • We pick the topics for you.
  • We write a headline for you
  • We pick a source for you to link
    • You may need to find 2-3 additional sources, depending on the article
  • You just have to write articles with 300 – 500 words of original content to explain the news story and why it is important to conservatives.

We pay a starting price of $15 per article. Articles take our current writers between 30 minutes to an hour to do — the longer they spend writing for us daily, the faster and easier each article becomes.


  • Conduct research and analysis on topics and events assigned by editorial team
  • Report on current events happening in US elections, domestic and international affairs, and relevant topics as needed
  • Construct arguments to support truth in honest and accurate reporting
  • Fact-check statements, data, evidence, and other elements to support claims in reporting
  • Accept feedback from editorial team and apply new knowledge to writing for our highly engaged audience
  • May be asked to do additional tasks as assigned

Job Prerequisites:

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to follow deadlines closely
  • Keen interest in current events, especially national politics
  • Ability to interact with colleagues and field contacts
  • Ability to adapt to the inherent changes of an evolving and growing company
  • Passion for writing and a firm grasp of grammar and organization
  • Experience with WordPress or other CMS is a plus
  • Experience writing for a print or online news outlet is a plus
  • Knowledge of AP Style is a plus